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Stunt Buddy / Ankle Arc

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Stunt Buddy / Ankle Arc - Image Number 16172
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Product Category:

Exercise / Rehab


North Coast Medical

Product Description:

This product can be used as an ankle strengthening device for cheerleading and gymnastics as well as for rehabilitation of ankle injuries.  As a comprehensive rehabilitation device, it can be used at home so that patients may continue their exercises between physical therapy or training visits. It's made of durable, cross-linked polyethylene foam for long-lasting use and can also be used for all stages of ankle, knee and shoulder rehabilitation, for sprains, ACL reconstruction, total hip replacement and scapular dyskinesis. It helps improve range of motion, strength, balance, core stabilization and proprioceptive awareness. It can also be used for scapular stabilization activities. Exercises may be performed while supine, seated, or standing. It's unique shape allows training in a triplanar motion so that the foot can accommodate even and uneven surfaces more easily; an essential for return to full functional activities. The Ankle Arc provides an excellent closed-chain regimen. It includes an easy-to-follow exercise sheet that allows the therapist to customize each patient's home exercise program.  The flat side measures 13-3/8" (34cm) long. 

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